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Triumph Hotels & Asset Management is the hotel operations and management services organisation focused in providing up to date & relevent business solutions to local independent hotel owners. It endeavors to provide hotel management services to third party hotel owners. TRIUMPH leverages its operational excellence through the corporate depth and expertise in Sales & Revenue Management, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources as well as Technical Services / Project Management, for owners across India. TRIUMPH Hotels bring together a team of highly trained and qualified industry professionals to deliver optimum financial results to owners while maintaining exemplary quality service standards for the guests. Through its Operating and Marketing alliances, the company provides / offers comprehensive services for an ultimate hotel operations’ model to its owners under the two brands, JEWEL OF THE EAST, & TRIUMPH HOTELS. Visit detailed information on our services.

We are a Chic boutique brand offering one of a kind hotel destinations with distinctive style and superlative service. All our hotels are individually designed and positioned boutique hotels and restaurants, providing a truly boutique experience by responding to the surrounding environment and delivering a guest experience that is authentic and reflective of the location. The approach to each property's design is individual to develop a concept that reflects the architecture, location, and neighbourhood. Triumph develops and manages thriving hospitality assets, encouraging forward focused innovation while targeting optimal performance. Our progressive and proactive philosophy has resulted in successful, profitable management of hotels, resorts and restaurants across the country.

Triumph's consistent objectives are to continue to globalize our property management capabilities, to provide operational expertise to steer hospitality ventures, and to develop partnerships that enable consumers to experience superior guest services, all while protecting our earth and strengthening our communities. Our Mission is stated simply: To Honor Our Promises and Deliver Superior Results. In action, this statement challenges each Triumph associate to seek the passion within that will allow them to perform with excellence and to exceed guest expectations.

Triumph Hotels success is based on a unique integration of vision and talent nurtured over many years. Every asset we’ve developed, every property we’ve operated and every associate in whom we have invested has been the result of harnessing the infinite possibilities behind our Mission, our Promises and our Passion.

Triumph Hotel Collection is a network of one-of-a-kind midscale select-service brand and brings together the premium elements guests desire and an affordable travel experience. It also meets hotel owners’ strong demand for a new select-service opportunity that is a differentiator in the popular midscale segment. Each Triumph hotel is a unique reflection of the distinct character of its host city – yet all offer the same high standards of hospitality and luxurious comfort. And since the properties are independently owned and associated, you get the peace of mind that comes with a national brand.

TRIUMPH Hotels National Sales Force provides direct sales to the corporate market and builds relationships with potential clients on behalf of the hotel owner. With its aim to connect hotels directly to clients outside of their primary market, the National Sales Force helps the hotel gain additional revenue by tapping into TRIUMPH’s network of over 1,000 accounts.

The following support may be provided by TRIUMPH's National Sales Force to its partner hotels:

Conduct client calls to top corporations, associations, and travel agencies on behalf of partner hotels

Market partner hotels to international travel companies

Promote partner hotels on the website

Promote partner hotels in trade shows and conventions

Create new promotions and alliances through corporate collaborations

What benefits will a hotel owner get by signing up to TRIUMPH’s National Sales Force?

Gain instant exposure to new clients nationwide who have not booked at the hotel, thus driving new business and revenue potential

Get professional sales representation across the Philippines and in-bound international travel agencies – from conducting regular sales calls to closing business leads

Cost-effective solution to expand direct sales opportunities

Opportunity to partner with TRIUMPH Priority Club*, TRIUMPH’s loyalty program & gaining incremental revenue through redeemed vouchers while building a wider reach and repeat business from corporate clients and direct consumers.

Independent hotels can benefit from the advice of TRIUMPH's highly experienced revenue management team. This is a cost effective solution for independent hotels without having to hire a revenue manager under their payroll. We analyze every aspect of the business to help maximize revenue potential and to increase the bottom line. We ensure that the hotel takes advantage of every revenue-making opportunity with the ideal price at the right time.

The following support will be provided by our revenue management team:

Develop an optimal revenue management strategy customized for your property

Manage online distribution and implement e-commerce strategies on hotel website, online travel agencies, metasearch and global distribution system

Support sales and reservations

Analysis of market positioning and competitive pricing

Decision making with data driven reports and on-call recommendations

A partnership of this magnitude entrusts us with the responsibility of operating your hotel or resort. We will invest our time and expertise that stems from the cross-domain experience, which our team skillfully uses to exploit the latent potential of your existing operating system. This positive reinforcement boosts efficiency and positively impacts the revenue streams delivering industry-level gross operating profits. We can make this a reality because of our adept knowledge, skilled team of professionals and countless years of experience in the industry that enables us to succeed.

We are currently looking to take on Management Contract or Lease, Hotels & Resorts across Eastern India locations like the following;

Darjeeling | Shillong | Guwahati | Bhuvaneswar | Puri | Shantiniketan

Interested asset owners may write to us at -